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Safe Usage Instructions For Installed Joule Piston Retarders

Safe Usage Instructions

All railroad employees, and railroad subcontractors, must make sure they are informed of safe working practices and precautions regarding installed piston retarders, and its proper usage, to ensure their own safety when performing work on the installed piston retarders, or when they are in close proximity of operating/working piston retarders.

Employees and sub contractors should stay a safe distance away from the track at all times during the movement of cars over installed piston retarders, whether in hump mode, or when trimming cars. There are always the possibility of derailments when rail cars are moving, whether being humped, or trimmed, over installed piston retarders, and these moving cars can fall over and cause injuries, or death, to persons that are too close to the moving cars in these areas.

Pull out, pull over, pull back, and trimming speeds over retarders should be below the set speed (speed setting) of the installed hydraulic piston retarders.

This will ensure safe working conditions for the piston retarders, and minimize the risk of wheel lift and damage to the retarders. Severe wheel lift can potentially lead to derailment.

As an additional safety precaution it is advisable that no employees, or other workers, are in close proximity to the train, or rail car, being moved over the hydraulic piston retarders, and to stay a safe distance away until the train, or rail car, has safely cleared over the installed retarders. ”

All marshalling yard personnel involved with the retarders, and movement of trains over the hydraulic piston retarders, should contact their signal department to obtain safe working directives, safe pull over speeds, and operating precautions prior to entering retarder zones to perform work on the installed piston retarders, or moving trains over installed piston retarders.

Always think safety first!


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